Writing: Getting from Point A to Point B

So I came across a problem the other day.  My characters needed to travel, basically getting from Point A to Point B.  Actually, most of the story is spent travelling.  And that is the difficult part of writing a story.  Sometimes the inspiration isn’t there, but you have to pull it out to move on with the story.  I wanted to just say, “They walked through a forest and now they are in town.” I mean that’s how little inspiration I was feeling XD  But obviously that wouldn’t do, so I tried to add some personality to the forest, but it took me forever to think of something.  I’ll post the story excerpt below.  You don’t need to know about the characters to understand it.

They packed up, Zack taking care to survey the area to make sure nothing was left behind.  Zack strapped on his backpack, and then wrapped Cloud’s arm around his neck, and they set off through the forest, walking slowly through the dense undergrowth, dragging their feet, stumbling along the way like vagrants sentenced to wander the planet for eternity as penance.  While the world around them was being sapped of its life energy, foliage decaying into dust, thick clouds of smog blanketing the sky, frogs dying belly up in stagnant water, this forest seemed to stand in defiance of modern innovation, an artifact from another time, before the era of Shinra.  The trees towered above them, reaching up to the heavens, praying for a salvation that would never come.  The atmosphere was quiet and somber as they passed through, much like a funeral procession, deference to something greater than themselves.

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