11 thoughts on “Just Chillin’

    • I have two kitties, a boy and a girl. The boy kitty loves to lay belly up, and he is the troublemaker. His sister is generally calmer, but she has her crazy moments, lol. I think it is so cute when cats lay belly up. Half the time he lets me pet his belly when he’s belly up, and the other half of the time he gets annoyed X3

  1. Awe! How cute! I just want to pet him!
    Have you ever had your cat get out of the house (I’m assuming their indoor cats)? My cat recently got out and he hasn’t come home yet 😦

    • Oh no! We live on the ground floor, and I only let my cats out on the patio when I am there, so they are pretty much exclusively indoor cats. We sort of designed an invisible barrier on our patio wall so they can’t get out easily any more. Both of them have jumped over the patio wall, but I noticed within minutes so I just went to grab them. We had a neighbor that lived above us (2nd floor apartment) and his cat ran away and got lost. He handed out flyers to everyone. His cat came to our patio after about a week, and we caught him, and gave him back to our neighbor. I would start with that, make up flyers and pass them around to your neighbors. Leave a bowl of food out in front and/or back. Call for him several times a day. If they aren’t used to being outside, they can get confused :/ One time I left my girl kitty out on the patio alone because she never jumps, but I kept the screen door open, and my husband was in the living room. I told him to keep an eye on her. Well, he never heard me, so he shut the door on her and turned out the lights. I went to check on her 20 minutes later and she was gone. Poor thing was yowling at our neighbors because they were the only house with the patio lights on. She must have thought that all doors opened to home. So we never let her out by herself again. I hope you find your kitty!

    • Both of mine are indoors and one of them once decided to sneak out. Was gone for a whole 24 hours and just came back for dinner as if nothing happened. Hope yours will come back soon!

  2. How adorable! I could just pick him up and hug him (he reminds me of my son’s orange tabby…only she prefers to spread out on my desk- on top of my papers while I’m working!)

    • Your son’s cat sounds like she has lots of cattitude X3 Cats always seem to know where they shouldn’t be and then they go there anyway XD If I leave out the clean laundry for more than a few minutes, he’s on top of it, ready for a long nap, lol. His sister likes to lay on my keyboard while I type. It’s her way of getting my attention, lol.

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