Losing Objectivity

I am really horrible about being objective on my own pieces of work. It takes months for me to step back and really be objective about something that I have written. I read several guides on how to write short-stories. I’ve written lots of short fanfiction stories, but never my own original short stories.  And I have the end goal of submitting this to story contests and getting it published, so I can’t rely on just my prose to get me by.

Apparently, you aren’t supposed to start with the climax first XD  I mean that probably seems obvious.  I have never started a story with the climax, and not sure why I wanted to do it with this one. I actually found a really good guide from a literary magazine, Strange Horizons, where they list out things you should avoid in short stories: Stories We Have Seen Too Often  I found another good resource that has story competitions, Writer’s Digest, and they go over how to write a good intro to your story: 10 Ways To Start Your Story Better

Even if you don’t need help writing a story, it was helpful to read those lists to know which things to avoid in the future.  So I spent a few hours thinking about how I wanted to write this suicide story. TV tropes has a section on stories that start with suicide XD And if your story is cliche people won’t read past the first few lines. And it’s a romance story, so if I start with him killing himself, readers aren’t even going to know what to expect. And it will be regressing to go back into why he kills himself instead of building up to it. So I think I’m going to make two or three versions of this suicide fic.

1. I will start with him buying the gun, and contemplating using it. It will give a bit of details about his fiancee being gone. I won’t specify who he’s planning on shooting. And then it will go back into the why and build up to him killing himself.
2. I will start with him killing himself. Then I will go back into why.

I only have 2 versions for now.  I think once I have it together as a whole it will be obvious the best way to lay out this story.  It’s crazy that this little story is giving me so much grief, but I love the idea too much to give up on it.  I mean the sections are going to be similar regardless of order.  Perhaps once I have all the puzzle pieces it will be easier to assemble 🙂

2 thoughts on “Losing Objectivity

    • Thank you for chiming in! An added benefit of starting the story with the suicide is that he’s kind of fading in and out of consciousness, so the rest of it makes sense. Yeah, it might be different because this is a short story and not a novel.

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