When Your Subconscious is Smarter Than You

I thought this was interesting, and it happens pretty frequently.  I’ll be writing a story and a word comes into my mind, and after I write it down I realize I’m not even sure what that words means.  The weird part is that 95% of the time I use the word correctly even though I could not tell you the definition of it.  I’ll give you an example.  I typed out this sentence, “A timeless tradition in the annals of mankind.”  Only after typing it did I realize I wasn’t sure what the word “annals” meant, so I looked it up.  It basically means a record of events, so I used the word right even though my conscious mind didn’t really know what it meant.  If you would have asked me an hour ago, before I typed that sentence, what the word “annals” meant, I couldn’t have told you.  I’m guessing this happens to other people?  Maybe?  Or maybe my subconscious is just smarter than me XD

3 thoughts on “When Your Subconscious is Smarter Than You

  1. This happens to me too! I think it’s because we read a lot or we’ve heard it used before and so we feel comfortable using it in a similar context (but that’s just what I think, haha). It’s so interesting how our mind/subconscious works, though!

    • Glad to know I’m not the only one! I took a psychobiology class and I remember our teacher went over an experiment where they showed certain pictures to blind people. Obviously they can’t see, but they guessed right a higher percentage of the time than luck, and it was statistically significant. So there was some part of the brain, or a neural channel, working in ways they weren’t even aware of. Crazy how the brain works sometimes 🙂

  2. This has happened to me before too where my subconscious knows a word I’m unsure of that guys perfectly with what in trying to say.

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