New Story Idea

So I was talking with Friend A, and she helped inspire me to write a short story about a man with PTSD and a cat.  I have two cats of my own, so I won’t need to do any research on felines XD  I’ll need to research PTSD though because it will be a central point to the story.  But they will help each other heal.  I love cats, so it will be a fun story to write.  I actually got my two cats to help me cope with my chronic pain, and they have helped me so much.  I don’t know if I want to write it in poetic prose.  I also write comedy, which is pretty plain in style.  But last time I wrote a comedy, the angst and poetic prose managed to sneak on in there, so I don’t know XD  I feel emotions much stronger than normal I believe, so I tend to write characters with strong emotions.

I decided to leave fanfiction for now and just focus on my original stories.  I think I’d like to write a full length fantasy novel, but I need to read several fantasy novels before I get started.  I was going to wait until I finished my fanfiction novel, but I guess not XD  Most of what I read is literature.  I’m having fun writing short stories right now because my life is still a bit hectic, and it’s best to start and finish a novel within a year or so.  My fanfic story was 200k and spanned five years of time, about 2 of them I was not writing at all.  So the style and everything was all over the place.  I could have edited it, but why spend so much more time and effort on a story I could never publish or make money off of.  I was already writing for free XD  Also, I was going back and forth on whether it was worth finishing, and after that huge flame, I decided it wasn’t.  I thought I wanted to finish my fanfic story to prove to everyone that they couldn’t keep me down.  The flame I got yesterday was just the tip of the iceberg.  But then I realized it didn’t matter what they thought of me.  They had sucked all the joy I had for fanfiction, and it reflected in my story.  I didn’t enjoy writing it anymore, not like I used to.  I love to write, so I’ll just play in another sandbox.  If they want to try to destroy me, fine, but I won’t be there for it XD  Kind of sucks the fun out of bullying I suppose.  The best revenge is being happy and moving on.

It’s a bit sad to leave a fandom that I’ve been in for so long, but the characters will always live on in my heart.   It was this fandom that inspired me to start creative writing.  Also the fandom was dying because it was based on something released many years ago.  So all my writer friends in that fandom either left to write other fanfiction, stopped writing, or started writing original fiction.  It felt like we had all graduated high school, and while they went off to college, I stayed in my small little town and got a minimum wage job.  Nothing wrong with that, but it feels weird and kind of sad.  If fanfiction were a person, my relationship with her has been emotionally abusive for some time.  And the funny thing is that I remember how it used to be, not how it is now.  Over time I will probably dismiss the bad memories in favor for the good ones, at least I hope so 🙂

4 thoughts on “New Story Idea

  1. Well, I guess, from your writings that you are the best story teller I have met do far ! Love the way you write. I hope I will be able to get some help from you in story writing 🙂

  2. Cats are such jerks most of the time XD I lovingly refer to it as cattitude :3 I have a brother and sister, Pumpkin and Neko, and Pumpkin is so bad. Like I’m annoyed but at the same time I’m usually laughing cause he’s so crazy. Yeah, PTSD is horrible 😦 I found a few blogs going in depth through their PTSD experiences 😦 This story could be written with a dog too. It would have a different feel, but both dogs and cats are such beautiful creatures, and they help humans heal in so many ways. The cat in the story is going to have a history of abuse, and several homes. But the cat chooses him as her human. On Facebook I liked Jackson Galaxy’s page, and he is always posting about cat rescue stories. One in particular really inspired me because it was so sweet ;_____; I believe in furry soul mates. Sometimes people and animals develop a really deep bond, and that’s what I want for this soldier and kitty.

    I think it’s lovely how you volunteer at the shelter. So many of those animals could use a kind heart and caring soul. Not sure if you have seen any of Eldad’s dog rescue videos? If not, this is his most famous one:

    Every time I see that video I tear up ;___; It showcases both the best and worst of humanity. Poor baby was someone’s pet and they just dumped her off 😡 I don’t get how anyone could be so cruel. These pets don’t know how to survive on their own, and their heart aches with loneliness. She has a happy ending though. I followed her progress through FB. She had so many people willing to adopt her.

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