The Paw Project (Stop Declawing Cats)

Paw project

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A friend of mine from England came to visit me over the weekend.  She is a huge cat lover, and has three cats herself.  She also has two beautiful boys who have been taught to respect felines.  We were talking, and apparently declawing is illegal in England.  It is still legal in the United States, and about 25% of household cats have been declawed.  It’s basically an amputation of the distal phalange, which is the first joint on your fingers and toes.  This procedure is illustrated in the bumper sticker above.  What happens in many cases is that it starts to grow back under the skin.  So it’s like walking on sharp rocks.  Sometimes the procedure really cripples the cat and their paws become useless flippers.  It also changes their weight distribution so they are more prone to arthritis from an unnatural gait.

Jackson Galaxy from the show, “My Cat From Hell,” is adamantly opposed to declawing.  There is a vet who took it upon herself to spread awareness and help create laws to prevent this barbaric procedure.  She created this documentary called, “The Paw Project,” to educate people about the problems with declawing your cat.  I thought I would spread the word in the name of awareness.

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