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Since I want to submit my short stories for publication, I’ve been looking for unbiased constructive criticism (aka concrit) on my stories.  I tried out one site called Legendfire, and it didn’t work out that well.   Everyone was nice.  It’s just that it wasn’t very helpful.  I think it is difficult to both give and receive concrit.  Both people have to trust each other or else it doesn’t work very well.  I don’t know, I may elaborate a bit more on that in the future.  I joined another one recently, Critique Circle, and so far it’s been great.  I just received helpful concrit from someone that clearly knows her stuff about writing.  My name on there is “Bunny9” if anyone is curious, lol.  Both sites won’t let you to see the stories unless you are a member.  This prevents the internet from caching your work, so there is no trace of it on the internet.  They do this so you can get help without taking away First Publication Rights, so you can still submit to literary magazines that prohibit online posting.  At least this is my understanding of the situation. . .

What I like about Critique Circle is that you have to earn credits to post your stories.  You earn credit by reviewing other stories, so it really motivates everyone to help their fellow writers.  And there are some really good writers on there 🙂  Basically there is a story queue that starts every Wednesday.  So if you submit your story on Sunday, you have to wait a few days till it gets displayed on the site.  All stories are given a week in the story queue, and then it just appears on your profile so others can still read and critique.  Unfortunately, you can’t edit your story after posting until after it has finished its time in the story queue.  I uploaded my story on Sunday, and after I did I saw a glaring grammatical error.  I am not allowed to edit it before or during the story queue, which is another week.  If you buy a membership you can edit it anytime you want.   There are other perks to membership, but you are allowed to post your stories and give and receive concrit for free 🙂  I believe you can post chapters of a novel as well.  They require your name to help prevent plagiarism, but don’t display it anywhere on the site.  Here’s the link if anyone is interested:

8 thoughts on “Literary Critique Sites

    • I guess I’m somewhat resilient after getting that 2,000 word flame on my fanfic story XD There were two people on Legendfire hounding me about the fact that I wasn’t “SHOWING,” enough on my suicide story. One of them went into a 949 word critique about how my writing and story was boring, and I was doing everything wrong. Then he rephrased my intro and completely butchered the prose and my character. My character is a bit self-loathing, but he made him into a joke. As someone that has had suicidal thoughts, I thought his portrayal of my suicidal character was a tad offensive. In addition to that, he had a much higher percentage of “TELLING,” than I did XD I don’t think he understands the difference between “SHOWING” and “TELLING.” And he insisted that I needed to state what was already implied. I don’t want to dumb down my stories, and it’s redundant to tell the reader what they already know. It bogs down the story. Also, it increases the amount of “TELLING,” which is what he was accusing me of doing too much in the first place XD He followed that up by telling me to go read a book on how to write. What am I supposed to say to that? XD But I dislike conflict, so I just decided to try another site. When I was first on there, people were helpful, but that one guy kind of scares everyone off, and he just joined recently. To be fair, he’s trying to help people, I think. His critique really confused me, so I had a friend of mine look it over and see if there was some truth to it. My intro was a bit superfluous to be honest, so I cut out several lines. I agree that my writing isn’t perfect, but I don’t agree that I’m doing everything wrong. So yeah, it just wasn’t a good fit.

      • It’s always the good writers that are insecure XD I used to be very insecure about my writing. The 2,000 word flame was done to really hurt me. Only about 1/5 of it concerned the story. The rest of if was him insulting me (calling me both a narcissist and the eternal victim), my writing, my health issues, and making up lies to try to convince my readers of things that weren’t true. I had blocked him, but he made up a new profile so that I couldn’t delete his review. He was right, the story sucked, but I already knew that XD In fact, I was bashing my story in my author’s notes, so it wasn’t like that was news to me. I started writing it five years ago when I knew nothing about writing, so there was lots of awkward prose, bad pacing, redundancy, etc. The bullying had gone on for months despite my attempts to ignore it, so I had to leave.

        Yeah, the critique on Legendfire wasn’t hurtful. But it did make me doubt my writing. That’s why I discussed it with a friend of mine that is a good writer. I mean I’m still somewhat insecure about my writing, but I’m a lot stronger than I used to be. It’s hard putting yourself out there because no matter how good you are, there will always be people that disagree with your writing. Like I said, I know my writing has flaws, but his opinion was so different than my own I had to dismiss most of what he was saying. He wanted me to write the way he rephrased my intro, and I don’t want to write like that XD So we will never see eye-to-eye. Best to just leave.

    I heard about Critique Circle in particular, and went looking for it, but I’d forgotten the name!
    I must have tried a hundred different search terms.

    You are awesome. That is all.

  2. Yes, it’s awesome 🙂 I was at another literary critique site, and it didn’t work out so well. The problem was that this one guy really didn’t like my writing. He was polite about it, but he wrote a 1000 word critique on how boring it was, how I needed to read books on how to write fiction, and how I was “telling,” and not “showing.” He reworded my intro to the suicide story, and it was not good at all. I don’t want to write like that or dumb down my writing. He was also upset because instead of saying what the character felt I left it implied. But explaining what the character felt is “telling,” and he was already getting on my case for that, so yeah, I don’t even know XD Anyway, this other woman agreed with him, and they kind of scared off anyone else from commenting on my stories. I didn’t argue with them about it. I just left.

    The beauty of Critique Circle is that you can’t view critiques for a story until you have submitted one yourself. This prevents people from agreeing with the loudest reviewer. And when you hear an issue mentioned more than once, it’s obvious that it’s a legitimate problem. The moderators are pretty diligent about preventing plagiarism, at least they try. And you can only view the site as a member with a password, so it isn’t considered online posting because the internet can’t pick it up. There are some really great writers there too 🙂 You can post chapters in a novel as well. Yeah, I think the site is pretty awesome 🙂

  3. Oh! That’s delightful! I joined the critique circle at my school and disliked it immensely. I’ve always looked for a critique group, and now it seems I’ve found it! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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