Spilled Water on My Laptop

This is the first time I have ever spilled water or liquid on a computer. Only a bit of water got in, but it was enough to make it start acting funny. My husband was asleep and I had to wake him up at 2 AM to help me :$ I’m pretty useless when it comes to technology. The scary part is that my data is not backed up :/ When we took the back off it didn’t seem wet inside. Letting it dry for at least 24 hours. So anxious right now!

25 thoughts on “Spilled Water on My Laptop

    • Yeah, accidents happen. Shame technology is so sensitive to liquids. My dad ruined two laptops in a year by dousing them with water XD It’s not really funny, but he would balance his drink on the armchair he was sitting in. He doesn’t do that anymore! Apparently water is the least damaging liquid. I’m just hoping I can at least retrieve everything. The laptop is 3 years old. It’s pink as well XD They aren’t making as many pink laptops now :/ Here’s to hoping your laptop stays liquid free!

      • Awesome! I think I’ve had laptops for 9 years. This is the first time I’ve spilled liquid. I even took them with me when I took a bath XD My husband freaked out a bit about that, lol. Hoping your laptops stay liquid free forever!

      • I feel so nervous taking anything electronic anywhere near water. I have nightmares about accidentally dropping my phone while trying to take a picture over water.

      • That sounds a lot like my husband XD I sometimes take my phone with me in the bath and my husband freaks out so much. I’ve never ruined an electronic device with water before this incident. Figures I would spill water on my computer after knocking over a bud vase >_> I’ll have to be more careful next time! Electronics are really expensive. That was a $650 Lenovo laptop. I have an iPhone 5, so I guess that is like $600 retail? My husband ruined a phone while white-water rafting. That was like seven years ago when smart phones weren’t even invented. I wonder what the stats are for ruining your electronics with water. My dad ruined two laptops in a year with water :/. He used to balance a glass of water on the armrest of a leather recliner while working on his laptop. After ruining his second laptop, he stopped putting his water there XD

      • I’ve never ruined anything with water. My wife has ruined her iPhone 3GS with water when she dropped it in the bath, though. She frequently spills water on her laptop, but no problems.

      • If I ruined my phone by dropping it in the bath my husband would never let me hear the end of it XD But he blended some old apples (6 months old) and threw them in the curry. It was the nastiest curry ever. He only told me like a month after he made it. I haven’t let him forget that either XD

      • Yeah, he knew they were old. He just hates wasting food. He didn’t know it would come out so bad XD I should have suspected as much once I saw the apples missing. I thought he threw them out. . .

      • They weren’t actually. Maybe they weren’t quite six months old. They were several months old though. Apples preserve really well in the fridge. Supermarkets coat them with wax which helps. Most fruit goes bad fast, like mangos, bananas, strawberries, etc.

      • Ah, you had them in the fridge. I haven’t had apples that long before. We usually have bananas, and they don’t last long. They freeze well, though. Good in summer.

    • Yeah, hopefully it turns on again! That’s why I’m not doing WeWrWa XD. The moment of truth is in 22 hours. I worked so hard on editing a short story, and I don’t have it backed up because I’m an idiot >_> At the very least I’m hoping to retrieve it!

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