Finished the First Revision of My Short Story About Suicide

So the reason I’m not referring to my short stories by their titles is because I don’t know how strict literary magazines are about even mentioning it.  I’m trying to be on the safe side. . .  I finished the first revision of my suicide story last night.  It was originally like 3,000 words and now it’s just under 5,000.  I felt proud of myself.  I guess it’s not much since it’s only a short story, but it made me happy.  The cool thing about short stories is that it is easy to feel accomplished XD  This is the first story where I actually tried to employ symbolism.  I don’t know if I pulled it off successfully, but it’s my first attempt at it.  And by posting it on the critique site I learned about filter words, which I apparently use often :$

Here’s a great website that explains what they are:

I’m not really sure what kind of novel I want to write yet.  I spent years writing a fanficton fantasy story and took many of the fantasy elements out of it.  I love fantasy stories, but I’m not so sure about fantasy novels.  Most of my experience with fantasy stories is video games.  I’ve read very few fantasy books, which is something I’m trying to change.  I read slow and haven’t progressed on Nightfall for days.  All my short stories are literature (I think?).  Or just non-genre fiction.  I guess I’ll just keep writing short stories till I figure it out.  Maybe I’m suited to write non-genre fiction. . .   The problem is that I have no ideas for a non-genre novel XD

I think I’ll work on extending the short story about the mother donating her son’s organs before starting on the one about the little girl with an abusive father.  It’s difficult for me to work on more than one project at once.   I’m expecting rejection from all the literary magazines.  I kind of live by the saying, “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.”

I ended up going to Daiso today, which is a Japanese dollar store.  It’s so much fun 8D  I’ll take some pics of the stuff I got tomorrow.  Pretty much everything is $1.50, so for $50 you can come home with an armload of stuff.  My husband usually translates for me because sometimes there isn’t any English on the package XD

9 thoughts on “Finished the First Revision of My Short Story About Suicide

  1. Congratulations on finish the edits – short stories do give us the chance to feel accomplished much quicker than a novel does 🙂 That Japanese dollar store sounds cool… I don’t go to dollar stores often because I can’t get out of there for less than $20 🙂

  2. Yeah, I spent like $50 at Daiso XD I took some pics. Will probably upload them later 🙂

    I wanted to submit my suicide story to literary magazines. I figure I don’t have much to lose, but the best ones only take like 1% so I’m expecting rejection XD I’ll start with the best and then go down to second tier after the first round of rejections. And then third tier I suppose. I significantly cut down on the magazines I could submit to by publishing it on my blog :$ So I can’t do that anymore. . .

    I’m extending the one you read about the mother grieving over her dead son. I posted it in a critique group and they pointed out there wasn’t much of a plot, and they were right XD So I’m going to have the mom meet up with Jenny, and then afterwards she can finally clean her son’s room, signifying she can finally move on 🙂

    One thing I like about short stories is that you can try something different. Maybe it doesn’t work, but it only took a few days/weeks to accomplish, so you can just write another short story. My suicide story starts with the guy shooting himself, and what follows are his delusions and memories. It’s choppy and jarring, but it’s supposed to be cause he’s dying. A good friend of mine that is also a writer admitted it wouldn’t work as a novel, but it does as a short story. I wrote it because I wanted to. I had a lot of fun fitting the pieces together 🙂 I also like blurring the line between reality and not reality. Author Timothy Findley does this all the time, and I think the effect is brilliant. He accomplishes it usually with characters that have mental illness like schizophrenia.

  3. Congrats on finishing your “suicide story.” You have a talent for making your fiction readable! I too am struggling with genre, and will likely spend a few years in short story land! Thanks again for the intro to critique circle! It is helping define my writing issues. -Peggy

    • This might be the first short story I’ve written that isn’t boring XD To be honest, I wasn’t trying to create suspense, and after I showed the first half to several people they wanted to read on. I was pleasantly surprised, lol. I think after I post the second half on critique circle I’ll put it aside for a few weeks, and then go over it again, and perhaps post the whole thing revised on Critique Circle. I’m going to give the whole thing to Friend A after the second half gets critiqued on Critique Circle. Most submissions for literary magazines open in September and end in May, so I have a while to fix it up still.

      Yeah, I had an idea for a short story about a soldier with PTSD suffering from early onset dementia. Actually that was going to be my first short story XD But it’s too complicated for a short story I think, at least to give the story the attention it deserves. I could probably develop it into a novella or maybe even a novel. I would have to do a lot of research though. I have an idea for a fantasy story, and I developed the characters, but I have no plot, so that’s a problem XD I’m trying to read more fantasy books, but it’s slow going :/

      Critique Circle is pretty awesome 🙂 I’m very happy with it. And it gives me a place to safely display my stories. I want people to read it after I’m done :$ Next thing I’m going to work on is extending the story about the mother who donates her son’s organs after death. It will still be short for a short story though. Glimmer Magazine has a category for anything under 3,000 words.

  4. Can’t wait for the second installment on CC! I am amazed at how much critiquing other people’s work is making me change the way I look at my own writing! — and hopefully making it better. I hear you about extending short stories, I am giving some thought to doing the same with a couple of mine. Problem is, day job is still taking a lot of time, and working in my husband’s business. Good thing I am not a neat freak in my house as well! Take care and good writing, m’friend!

    • I think it was a few months after I started writing fanfiction, sometime in late 2009, that I discovered this writer that was amazing. Her writing was abstract and her prose was so beautiful. We’re still kind of friends, not as close now though. She’s not writing right now, which kind of makes me sad. Her pieces probably needed a lot of inspiration and emotional energy to create. They were all stunning pieces of art. And she is the one that introduced me to Cormac McCarthy 🙂

      She changed my perception on writing, and I hold a special place in my heart for her because of that. She also gave me critique on my stories, and she was honest with me. I remember once she read a piece of mine and told me she felt nothing. I cried :$ But then I realized I was lucky she was telling me, and I asked her for some suggestions to improve and thanked her for her honesty. I mean she was really nice about it. I was the one asking her for an honest opinion. I’ve definitely developed a thicker skin than I had when I first started :$ I remember when she told me that she had never seen another writer make as much progress as I did in a year. It meant so much to me, and still does. I go back and read her writing every now and then, and it’s always better than I remember it.

      But I think that is the beauty of writing. You can take a break for a year or two, or however long you need, and come back to it. I took all of 2013 off because I was consumed with my health issues :$ It’s taken a few months to get back into it (restarted writing early 2014), but I feel like my writing is better than it’s ever been now 🙂 One of my best friends, Friend A, is taking a break from writing now. She felt a bit guilty, but I think it’s totally okay to take a break if you need it.

      I still enjoy reading lots of other stories and associated critiques. I’m working really hard on understanding the elements of a good story. I feel like my current short stories are a huge improvement on the ones I wrote for fanfic. If I had more time I would critique even more stories, lol.

      I’m going to start applying for jobs next week. I’m looking for part time work due to my health, but I’ll have to start being more efficient with my time >_>

  5. This is a fantastic story! (I got a look at it in the Beta reader phase.) I can’t wait to read the final version in print! Way to finish things! I need more of that talent. I guess it’s called hard work. 🙂

    • You’re too sweet :$ Yeah, the second half has changed quite a bit since you saw it. I also connected the intro to the rest of the story. I’m not sure how much I’m keeping of it though. Several readers wanted a better explanation, but now I’m worried I may have explained too much XD I’m not talking about too much telling, just additional scenes that explain why Kyle wanted to kill himself. I needed some distance so I could be more objective about this point. Friend A will get the next revision, lol.

      Wasn’t it Edison that said, “Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration?” Even Cormac McCarthy didn’t write like Cormac McCarthy 50 years ago XD I remind myself of this fact when I get discouraged 😛

      How are you doing by the way? I just started a new job a week ago, and it’s been exhausting, so I haven’t even looked at WordPress since I started a week ago :$ I’m enjoying it, but I come home and crash. I haven’t worked in years, so I knew it was going to be tough the first few weeks. That along with filing another external appeal (because Anthem refuses to pay my surgeon after a doctor from Anthem pre-certified the surgery as medically necessary) and it’s so mentally exhausting. I hate it. I will be so glad once this insurance crap is over!

      • Insurance companies are the middlemen from hell. I’m being forced to pay every month while my insurance company drags their feet on a claim. Talk about a conflict of interest. Why is it legal for a business to force people to pay them for delaying their payments?

        I’m doing fine, thanks, other than that minor issue. Been writing a free e-book which took me away from my zillionth re-write of my novel. I’m doing this re-write of my story online and in first person. Plus changing almost everything. Finally I’m writing in first person and it feels like I’ve been freed from a cage.

        Can’t wait to read your story! Trust yourself. Beta readers are helpful, but I would guess that none of them can write as well as you.

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