Story Ideas that Aren’t Angst

When I first started writing original fiction I had no idea what to write. The endless possibilities were overwhelming, especially since I don’t like new things :$ I’m editing a short story now so of course more story ideas are coming to me XD

1. So this is kind of based a bit on my life. It’s about an Asian/White couple with the man being Japanese. They are at a garage sale and come across a katana. In real life my grandma got it somehow, and she was trying to give it to my husband. My husband told me that if the sword was authentic it was probably taken from a Japanese soldier after he was executed by an American. My husband is a Shintoist. He believes that many things have a spirit. He strongly felt that the Japanese warrior’s spirit was still in that sword and he wanted to take it back to Japan so that Japanese warrior could rest in peace. Unfortunately that’s not legal, so in the end my husband refused it. But my character in the story will do something different. And it will be about the wife trying to understand her husband’s culture. Maybe I’ll give them a kid too. I’ll have to read it for my husband so that my portrayal is somewhat accurate. But it won’t be an angsty ending this time, for once XD

2. Giving a dog a bath. Okay, that’s not original at all XD But it would be fun to write. A friend of mine had to bathe her dog, and she told me the whole story. It was pretty funny X3 Again, I would change the details to make it fiction. I could watch some YouTube videos as well. There is no shortage of dog bath videos on YouTube XD It would probably be a short piece. But I think it would be fun to write. I haven’t written comedy in a long time.

For now I’m editing the suicide story. I have a one-track mind so I have trouble focusing on two stories at once :$. But yeah, I’m excited for more short story ideas šŸ˜€

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