Confused Cats Against Feminism

I don’t like to talk about political things because it tends to cause conflict, which I dislike.  I learned in high school that everyone is just as entitled to their viewpoints as I am to mine.  A friend shared this with me and it was too cute not to share:  It’s a play on the whole “I Don’t Need Feminism” Movement.  So if you are strongly anti-feminist or hate cats I wouldn’t recommend reading this.  But it’s really funny and cute, especially if you are a feminist and love cats :3

6 thoughts on “Confused Cats Against Feminism

  1. That is cute! (Not offensive at all, but them I absolutely adore cats 🙂 I especially like the black kitty with the sign “I don’t need feminism because men and women are equally beneath me.” Yep, that’s totally cat!

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