Cecil the Lion and Why God Cares

I don’t like talking about politics because it is going to upset some people regardless of one’s viewpoint.  I’m not into forcing my beliefs on others because I don’t want others to force their beliefs on me, so it’s generally a topic I don’t talk much about.  But I have to speak out on Cecil’s behalf as both a cat lover and a decent human being.

For those of you that haven’t heard, an American dentist, Walter Palmer, shot a sanctuary protected lion from Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. As more details emerge, the story gets even darker.  Cecil was lured out of his sanctuary, wounded with a bow and arrow, and then killed 40 hours later with a gun.  Conservationists predict that the new lion that takes control of the Cecil’s pride is likely to kill most or all of Cecil’s 24 cubs.

This matters because Lions are a Vulnerable species (see chart below), which is one step about an Endangered species like tigers.  If we aren’t careful, wild lions will be nothing more than archived pictures on the internet.  According to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, there has been a 42% decline in the world’s lion population in the last 20 years.  This isn’t like hunting deer where the hunter eats the meat.  After Cecil was killed he was skinned and his corpse was left to rot.  Lions are at the top of the food chain, so they are much more prone to disease and parasites than herbivores, so it’s not advised to eat them.  This man not only tortured a lion for fun, but effectively killed 25 of them because something is lacking in his own life that he has to kill a lion to feel powerful and important.


“Status iucn3.1”. Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Status_iucn3.1.svg#/media/File:Status_iucn3.1.svg

I found this great article that talks about the issue from a Christian perspective.  God gave us dominion over all of his creatures, but they are his property, and he expects us to treat them with respect.  Torturing a majestic beast from a Vulnerable species does not fit into God’s plan.  This man needs to answer to God for what he did.  America is looking into prosecution.  RIP Dear Cecil 😦  There is even a memorial to him outside of Dr. Palmer’s office.


7 thoughts on “Cecil the Lion and Why God Cares

  1. No animal should be killed by a human. It’s 2015 and guess what? We have tons of other food options. It’s just as wrong to kill an animal for food as it is to kill a “vulnerable” species, and humans need to wake up and realize it. All animals want to live. It makes no sense to care about one species but not another.

    • You bring up an important issue, which is connected to Cecil’s death, but not quite the same. The purpose of this post was to generate awareness of Cecil’s death and for people to take action so that this doesn’t happen again. There are laws protecting endangered wildlife because they may disappear from our world forever, and as a society, we have decided that it is important to save them from extinction. There are less than 4,000 tigers living in the wild, and there may not be anymore in the next 100 years while lions aren’t far behind. I deeply love and care about cats, and it’s an important issue to me, which is why I talked about it on my blog. There was a beautiful line from an animal conservationist trying to save the tigers of the dilapidated Surabaya zoo. It was something like, “You won’t change the world by saving one animal, but for that one animal, you are changing their world.” I am a very emotional person, and it’s hard for me to look at the big picture because it crushes my soul. So I have focused my attention on cats because they are beautiful creatures and dear to my heart. Animal cruelty comes in all different forms, and I am strongly opposed to circuses, private ownership of exotic cats, breeding of white tigers for any purpose, declawing cats (both big and small), and failing to spay and neuter pets. These are issues I feel strongly about. To be honest, there are few issues on which I feel are black and white. Rape would probably be the only issue. Anyway, thanks for the comment 🙂

    • You’re certainly welcome to think that we should not eat meat. However, it doesn’t change the fact that the human body is adapted to eat meat, and it is the most efficient way for our bodies to gain energy. We’re naturally omnivorous. It may be 2015, but we’re still animals, and until artificial meat is available (it’s being developed now), I will eat meat. Not that this has anything to do with lions…

      • Yeah, she kind of came out of left field with that comment :/ She left another one, so I just removed it because she was getting, what’s a nice way to say this, more argumentative. She’s entitled to her opinion (I have vegan friends), but she completely missed the point about why Cecil’s death was so tragic. I published her first comment because I try to be open-minded and non-judgmental, but she had her own agenda and was trying to take the discussion in a different direction.

        I read comments on several stories about Cecil and many hunters were angry because they only hunted to eat, and that big-game hunters that hunt only to mount a head on their wall were evil. Not only that, but he shot Cecil with a bow and arrow and killed him 40 hours later D: Cecil died a horrible death. When lions kill, it looks gruesome, but they break the neck, so death is fairly sudden. Humans aren’t as merciful 😦

      • Cecil suffered a terrible death. And I understand that the hunter association he’s a member of has suspended him. They disagree with what he did. I completely agree that hunting should only be for food. I detest trophy hunting.

  2. wow. i did not hear about this until now 😦 i too am a cat (animals in general) lover and hate stuff like this. ppl must be insane to do this kind of stuff..i also believe we are to love on them as God made them to coexist with us and be taken care of, even now when they’re afraid of us for the most part. whenever i pet the kitty outside that lives near me i always pray that it feels love even though it’s not human.
    im guessing you believe in God, aka Jesus? if not i wont judge you at all, but that would be cool as I am totally in love with Jesus. just wondering 🙂

    • It’s so good to hear from you 😀 Yeah, I was very upset about Cecil’s death, and trophy hunting really upsets me 😦
      I actually am Christian :3 Lutheran to be exact. Although as I grow older I become more disillusioned with organized religion. Christians, especially fundamentalists, can be very judgmental of others, and I just feel that isn’t our job as human beings unless what someone is doing hurts another person or animal. Then I’m very judgmental! Nice to meet another Christian 🙂 I actually wrote a short story about a Christian man struggling with his faith and suicide. It was inspired by my own struggles with depression, suicide, redemption, and Christianity. I’ve been writing for a few years, and this is the first time that I’ve incorporated Christianity into a story. I may or may not do it again. Not like I have a lot of control over my fictional characters. Once I start writing they take on a life of their own XD

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