List of Literary Magazines Accepting Blog-Published Fiction

Because I’m a newbie original fiction writer (been in fanfic for 5 years), I didn’t realize by publishing my short stories on the internet it’s much more difficult to get it published in a literary magazine.  I spent the past two days combing the internet for literary magazines that would accept blog-published stories.  I thought it would be easiest if I separate these journals by categories.   Also, since I primarily made this list for myself, it focuses on literary fiction but I included some sci-fi/fantasy which I will denote with ^^^.  Some of these also accept poetry, non-fiction, essays, genre fiction, etc.  Some accept anything.  Other want you to write stories with a specified theme.  You just have to read the guidelines carefully.

This is the source of where I found most of these literary magazines: Literary MagazinesTop 50 Literary MagazinesAbe Book’s Top Literary MagazinesEvery Writer’s Resource Top 10 Science Fiction Magazines.  Just as an FYI, most of the Top 50 want to acquire “First North American serial rights,” and specifically exclude any prior online publication.  This list is primarily composed of second or third tier literary magazines, but many of them are still very good.  I’d be thrilled to get published in anything XD  I will denote top tier prestigious literary magazines with ***.  This is somewhat subjective, but it shall suffice for the purpose of this blog post.  Also, many of these magazines are located in America, but they take submissions online and from all over the world.  Also, if I’ve made any mistakes please let me know.


1. “We acquire First North American serial rights.”  That means they do not accept previously published material because they are buying or taking the first publication rights.  Usually this means no prior publication, online or print.  Sometimes they don’t specifically state online publishing (like a personal blog) as an exclusionary condition, so I will leave that to your discretion.

2. Unsolicited material — Solicited material is writing that the literary magazine has commissioned or asked for from a writer they know.  Unsolicited is the opposite, meaning anyone can send something in.

3. Simultaneous Submissions — This refers to submissions to multiple literary magazines at once.  It can take weeks to months for a magazine to accept or reject your work, so if you submit to multiple magazines at once you increase your odds of acceptance.  But it becomes a tricky situation if you are accepted while others are still reviewing your work.  So the literary magazines that allow this want you to contact them ASAP if your story is accepted by another.

Acknowledges Blog-Published Stories are Okay But Not Previously Printed

Glimmer Train***

Apocrypha and Abstractions — I think it belongs in this category?

Communion Literary Magazine

Cleaver Magazine

Literary Juice

Acknowledges Blog-Published Stories are Okay And Previously Printed


The Sun Magazine — Pays half as much for previously published material

Sleet Magazine


Does Not Specify and Does Not Mention First Northern American Serial Rights

Harpers Magazine***

The Yale Review***

Massachusetts Review***

Harvard Review***

Alaska Quarterly Review***

Analog Science Fiction and Fact^^^

Space and Time Magazine^^^


The Antioch Review***

Arcadia Magazine

Artichoke Haircut

The Atlas Review



Arts and Letters

The Moth

Hotel Amerika

Ecotone Journal

The Literary Review

Gargoyle Magazine

Sewanee Review

Wilderness House Literary Review

Idaho Review

The Hudson Review***

Hermeneutic Chaos Journal

Hanging Loose Press

The Greensboro Review

Green Mountains Review

Fourteen Hills

The Florida Review

Fiddleblack — Unsolicited manuscripts considered only for electronic journal.

The Bitter Oleander

TSR South Hampton Review

The Masters Review

Meat for Tea

Michigan Quarterly Review

New Millennium Writings

The Newer York

Ninth Letter


St Petersburg Review

Salamander Magazine

Santa Clara Review


Southern Humanities Review

Southern Indiana Review

Tampa Review

Conditional Acceptance if Blog-Published

Ampersand Review — Perhaps it’s not prestigious, but they have a great sense of humor and seem awesome :3

Four Chambers Press — Prefers unpublished work, but may take previously published work on a case by case basis.  E-mail to start conversation.

Bellevue Literary Review — Works published previously on personal blogs will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Vine Leaves Literary Journal — Gives preference to unpublished work, but accepts published work if disclosed with submission.

Talking Writing

Mentions First Northern American Serial Rights but Doesn’t Specifically Exclude Prior Blog Publication — Up To Your Discretion


Crazy Horse



28 thoughts on “List of Literary Magazines Accepting Blog-Published Fiction

  1. Thank you. Very helpful. And also I did not know about not being able to send something previously blogged. I haven’t tried to send anything yet. But it makes sense. I am really glad to know that.

    • Yes, I didn’t know that publishing on your blog excludes you from like 75% of the publishing market till a few days ago. Even if you delete your stories they are stored in a cache, which are supposed to be temporary (around a month). I guess I’ll find out. I cut and paste an excerpt from my story and even though I deleted it from WordPress, it still showed up, cached. I deleted mine so I could submit to those that didn’t specify. Another option is just making the post private for a while. There are literary crititque sites that are password protected, and those are okay. Those sites are protected from internet bots that cache your material. I’m a member of one, so that’s how I know 🙂

  2. Thanks for posting this 🙂 When I was new to blogging, I posted a few short stories of my own online, and I think with a little help, they could be revamped into something great. 😀

  3. This is a terrific list, thanks for your generous time in assembling. Also, at Flash Fiction Chronicles, there is a great submission list of places depending upon your word count. Check them out, a terrific resource as well.

  4. What a wonderful resource. Thank-you for putting all that time and effort in to compile it and also for sharing it.

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